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  • Is your coffee all from Hawai'i?
    Yes! All of our coffee is grown on the Big Island of Hawai'i. We don't bring any coffee from outside the island or anywhere else in the world. Either coffee from our farm or from partners' farms in other regioins of the island allow us to keep an eye on quality and freshness, which is not quaranteed when you import coffees from outside the island. So shop fresh!
  • Do you ship to all 50 States?
    Yes! We do. We are far and an ocean apart, but we'll get you freshly roasted coffee using priority shipping to any part of the US. International? Certainly, we have customers all over the world. Just remember that shipping to other parts of the world can get expensive. So feel free to inquire and we'll calculate shipping costs for you based on location and quantity.
  • Can we visit your farm?
    If you don't mind the rustic nature of a working coffee farm, then we'll be glad to show you around. Strap your boots on and come pick coffee with us, see how we process everything naturally using traditional methods. We are not the typical tourist-oriented farm with guides and scripted tours. Here, you'll find us with pitch fork in hand mulching, with buckets picking coffee or setting our beans to dry naturally in the sun. So don't mind us if we ask you to pass a tool or carry a bucket or two!
  • Do you sell your coffee on Island?
    Yes, we carry our coffee in several healthfood stores locally, also, you can see us at several farmers markets always bringing fresh coffee roasted the day before. Just contact us and we'll tell you where we'll be at any specific day of the week.
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