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CBD Coffee, Ground

CBD Coffee, Ground


Our top-notch coffee infused with top-quality organic CBD isolate.


We use organic virgin coconut oil as a medium to infuse the CBD into our freshly-raosted coffee. This guarantees no added flavors or aromas.


Combination of Coffee and CBD:

  • Same alertness and focus regular coffee provides without the “Jitters” or sensitivity to caffeine.
  • Sustained focus and concentration. No caffeine crash.
  •  Anti-inflammatory. Pain-relieving Properties. Anti-anxiety. Helps with Sleep Disorders **


Size:                             4 oz. of Coffee

Total CBD:                    125 milligrams of CBD

Dose/Serving:               12.5 milligrams of CBD per Cup.

Servings per Container:        10 Cups (6 oz.)

Serving Size:                    2 Tbsp. per 6 oz.


**Wai Puna CBD coffee combines 100% Hawaiian Coffee with an organic Hemp cannabinoid extract. It is free of additives and preservatives and contains <0.3% of THC. It can include natural terpenoids, CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and CBN.

This product is a dietary supplement and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Effects will change for each individual. Do your due dilligence of educating yourself by researching the primary effects and side effects CBD may have on people and pets. Consult a physician before taking this product. 

CBD Source: CBDistillery (Colorado)


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